A. Joseph Lipton

A. Joseph Lipton is a member of GemShares, LLC.

During 31 years as a principal, coprincipal or agent, Mr. Lipton has built, owned, managed, maintained, leased, bought and sold, or operated nine New York City commercial, residential or light industrial properties. He has negotiated and supervised more than 3,000 commercial, residential or light industrial leases comprising more than 1,000,000 square feet, with tenants from retail to commercial office operations, travel, jewelry manufacturing and industrial contracting.

Mr. Lipton is currently a partner, and the co-exclusive agent for the sale and leasing, of the International Gem Tower, a 740,000-square-foot, 34-story commercial condominium being developed by Extell Development in Manhattan. Through his work marketing the International Gem Tower since 2009, he has developed extensive personal and business relationships in every area of the diamond, color stone and jewelry business worldwide. These relationships extend from DeBeers and other mining companies to the leading retail distributors and other service providers throughout the diamond industry. He has presented business ideas and opportunities to key industry participants in Tel Aviv, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York, London and Antwerp.